Jake Paul Takes Vicious Shot At Tyron Woodley’s ‘Baby Mamas’ During Press Conference (VIDEO)

With Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley set to step into the ring less than two months from now, things are bound to start getting ugly between the two. And it began today at the press conference for their August 29 boxing match.

With the two men on stage to promote their bout, Paul began taking shots at Woodley for his revolving door of coaches. And that jab quickly led to Paul accusing Woodley of sleeping around and having numerous children with multiple “baby mamas.”

Woodley retaliated by taking a jab at Jake Paul’s attire. Here’s how the exchange went down:

It may be tough for Woodley to keep up with Paul’s trash-talking game, but hopefully he’ll be able to provide a better challenge in the ring compared to some of Jake’s previous opponents.