9-1-1 Call From Richard Sherman’s Arrest Released: Wife Says He Was Threatening To Kill Himself (AUDIO)

This Richard Sherman ordeal just keeps getting uglier, and the latest news may be the worst yet.

Newly released audio of the 9-1-1 call that was made by Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, has revealed that the situation was a lot worse than what he thought. According to Moss, Sherman was drunk, belligerent, and threatening to kill himself.

“I need officers to my house now. My husband is drunk and threatening to kill himself…

“I need officers here now… He’s trying to leave now in the house, he’s being aggressive, he’s wrestling with my uncle, he’s threatening to kill himself, he has sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hand himself.”

Sherman had also informed moss that if the cops showed up to the house, that he would fight them:

“He’s saying that if the police show up… Please don’t shoot is what I’m asking. He has no weapons. He said that if the police show up that he’ll will fight them.”

Sherman can be heard attempting to leave the house in his black Mercedes during the 9-1-1 call. His wife also told the 9-1-1 operator that Sherman had consumed two bottles of alcohol that night — one bottle of vodka and another of Hennessy.

Here’s the entire audio.

Sherman was arrested at his in-law’s house on Redmond, Washington early Wednesday morning on charges of burglary domestic violence. He is also being investigated for DUI and hit-and-run by the Washington State Patrol.