Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor With Broken Leg Action Figure (PIC)

You can tell something’s up here. Is Floyd Mayweather looking for a rematch (and another huge payday) with Conor McGregor? Because it sure seems that way based on all his recent trolling of the former UFC champion these past few days.

It started on Monday, when Mayweather posted a savage photoshop of McGregor on Instagram, featuring the Irishman sitting on a chair with his left leg photoshopped on a 90-degree angle.

And today the ruthless trolling continued when Mayweather released his new Conor McGregor action figure. It’s the 2021 limited edition — or, as The Money Team likes to call it, “The Stanky Leg Edition.”

Check it out:

To say that Mayweather’s shots are below the belt would be an understatement. Although, I guess you could consider it karma for all of the crap that McGregor’s said to his opponents throughout his career.

One thing is for sure: These two appear to be hyping up what could be a highly anticipated boxing rematch between the two champs.