Norway’s Beach Handball Team Forced To Wear Bikini Bottoms Instead of Boy Shorts, Broke The Rules Anyway (PICS + VIDEO)

The Norwegian women’s beach handball team just did not want to be sexualized and be comfortable as they played the sport that they loved.

At the European Championships in beach handball, the game attire has landed in the spotlight with specific rules for how the women should be dressed, according to the sport’s regulations.

“Women should wear a bikini where the top should be a tight-fitting sports bra with deep openings at the arms,” the international regulations state. “The bottom must not be more than ten centimeters on the sides.”

The Norwegian ladies were prepared to pay fines.

“First we were told about a fine of 50 euros per person per match, something that would have landed us a fine of about 4,850 euros. We accepted that”, player Katinka Haltvik told the national broadcaster NRK. “However, just before the match we were told that we will be disqualified if we play like that. So we had to go with the bikini bottoms.”

The European Handball Federation EHF tried to explain that they have merely clarified the list of penalties for the Norwegian Federation, but that disqualification was never an option.

“We have lost players due to the suits. The players tell me they are uncomfortable, feel naked, and watched. It is a sport with a lot of movement and you are hindered by the bikini,” French national team manager, Valérie Nicolas said, backing Norway. “There is also discomfort associated with menstruation and not least religion.”

The women wore what they wanted despite the rules.

Here are the highlights of the Bronze Medal game: