Wife Of Red Sox Legend Calls Out Disgusting Yankees Fan For Spitting On Her 9-Year-Old Daughter (TWEETS)

(Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Pedro Martinez Charity)

It appears fans of opposing teams should steer clear of Yankees stadium, because the fan base there is completely out of control.

Catherine Varitek, the wife of Red Sox legend Jason Varitek, said she and her children had their own “vile” encounter with Yankee fans on Saturday night.

After leaving Yankee Stadium following the home team’s 3-1 rain-shortened win last night, Catherine Varitek took to Twitter to state she and her children had a “scary” encounter with some opposing fans while heading to their car.

“What our kids just went through walking to our car in Yankee stadium was scary. #RedSoxNation Let us set an example and stay classy. Baseball banter should be fun, not harmful and offensive,” she wrote.

“I am not talking about ‘Curse Words,’” she said. “Someone SPIT on my 9 year old daughter for wearing her Varitek jersey. I can handle ‘Curse Words’ that s–t was straight out filth and vile.”

Spitting on anyone is seriously vile, but doing so in the midst of a global pandemic is even worse and that person should be arresteed.

As you may know, the Yankees fan who threw the ball at Verdugo has been banned for life from attending MLB games.

We can only hope this other fan gets even worse.