Cappie Pondexter Says LeBron Stole $30M From Her, Beyonce Is Her Wife, & Nike is Her Company (VIDEO)

It has been alleged on social media that Cappie Pondexter might be dealing with mental health issues, but it has certainly been confirmed over her latest Instagram Live.

The former WNBA player recently made waves claiming that LeBron James was a sex trafficker.

The following day, she was back on IG Live yelling about how Beyonce was her wife, LeBron James stole $30 million from her and that Nike is really her company.

“I’m richer than that nigga. He stole $30 million from me, I’m richer than LeBron James..Don’t let that ni–a fool you.”

“Nike is my company for real…I’m tired of you motherfuckers.”

It should be noted that a few people were added to her live that appeared to know her personally and were actively trying to help her in her current state.

Hopefully, she gets the help she needs.