Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Deadlifts 620 Pounds Like It’s Nothing (VIDEO)

In four starts last year, Jalen Hurts was on pace to become the NFL’s first single-season 4,000-yard passer and 1,000-yard runner.

Chris Simms, who analyzes quarterbacks, didn’t deem Hurts worthy enough to put him in his own top 40 that was released back in May. There are 32 starters in the NFL, and Hurts couldn’t crack the top 32, per Simms.

That should be just enough motivation for Hurts to come into the 2021 season and show people what he can do. Off the field, he is putting in the work as he showed with his crazy strength and deadlifting 620 pounds.

Check it out:

It should be noted that the 22-year-old tips the scales at just 6’1″, 223 lbs.

Expect the Eagles to take advantage of Hurts’ arm, and particularly his legs.

“I think anytime you’ve got a quarterback that’s got legs, and he’s a threat in that direction, the defense has to honor in some capacity,” said Eagles passing game coordinator Kevin Patullo. “So they’re going to be limited in some areas, too. And some things that they may have done against a different quarterback, they’re probably not going to do to you.

“So, there are certain things you can do going into a game knowing, OK, we’re going to get this, probably not this, or this is something they’ve done in the past to a running quarterback or a guy that can make plays if the pocket breaks down. So, there’s a way you can game plan and kind of use that to help you and help the player.”

Last year, he threw for 1,061 yards with six touchdowns and four interceptions while rushing for 354 yards with a 5.6 yards per carry average and three touchdowns.