Veronika Khomyn: Meet Sean McVay’s Wife-To-Be

Veronika Khomyn Sean McVay Wife

Veronika Khomyn is a Ukrainian-born realtor, fashion designer, and model who currently lives in the US. She is also an internet sensation with thousands of loyal followers on Instagram. But perhaps her biggest claim to fame is being Sean McVay’s wife-to-be.

Veronika Khomyn’s fame is primarily attributed to her dating the famous Los Angeles Rams head coach. Her stunning beauty also made it easy for her to find success in her modeling career back in her hometown and here in the USA.

Although she is sometimes referred to as Sean McVay’s wife, the two lovebirds have yet to tie the knot officially. However, they are set to wed soon at an undisclosed destination, though there haven’t been any official reports on the exact date and venue for the wedding. 

Veronika Khomyn’s Biography

Age and education

Veronika Khomyn was born on March 1, 1990, in Kyiv, Ukraine. She did her elementary schooling at Kyiv High school before starting her modeling career at the age of 18, appearing on commercials in Ukraine.

Veronika Khomyn Sean McVay Wife

After completing her high school studies, the 31-year-old moved to the US to pursue fashion design at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. While at George Mason University, she acquired US citizenship and established a thriving business in fashion and modeling. Currently, Veronika lives in a $2.7 million house in Encino, California, with her fiancé. Nothing much is known about her family except for the fact she has a sibling sister. 

Career life highlights

Veronika Khomyn started her career as a model for UFC gym and DC clubbing. She later moved into fashion design and currently owns a boutique. The fashion star is also an Instagram star with over 55,000 followers. She leverages the social media platform to create awareness about pertinent issues affecting society, including climate change and natural calamities.

Sean McVay Wife

Apart from her Instagram account, Sean McVay’s wife also manages their dog Kali’s Instagram account. Additionally, the model also owns a real estate business based in California.

Veronika Khomyn’s Net worth

Idol Net Worth puts Veronika Khomyn’s net worth at $1 million as of 2021. She makes her money through an array of fashion design and modeling projects. She has also monetized her Instagram account, where she derives substantial income.

Additionally, her remarkable real estate venture provides a steady source of income that boosts her net worth. On the other hand, her fiancé’s net worth is around $7 million. 

How Did Veronica Khomyn Meet Sean McVay?

Veronika Khomyn shot to fame when she started dating Sean McVay. Sean McVay and girlfriend Veronika Khomyn met in Washington DC in 2011. At the time, McVay was the tight-ends coach for the Washington Football Team, then known as the Washington Redskins, while Veronica was a student at George Mason University, studying fashion design. 

McVay and Girlfriend

After dating for about eight years, the lovebirds got engaged on June 22, 2019, while they were vacationing in Cannes, France. McVay went all out to propose to his girlfriend, with reliable sources putting the engagement ring’s cost at approximately $100,000. Veronika’s delight was evident judging by the posts that she made on her Instagram about the proposal. 

Before their engagement, the couple was living together in Los Angeles. However, after McVay was named head coach of The Rams in 2017, they moved to their current 4,400 square foot home in Encino, California. McVay bought the place for $2.7 million.

As mentioned earlier, the wedding bells are already ringing with reports revealing the couple is planning on organizing a destination wedding. However, a date and location have not yet been revealed. 

Veronika Khomyn

Veronika is undoubtedly is one of McVay’s biggest fans, constantly providing the necessary emotional support. She is regularly seen by his side, cheering him and the team on at most of Sean’s matches. After the couple’s move to LA, they are often seen together hanging out at famous clubs and other social events. 

Veronika Khomyn’s Social Media Presence and Activities 

After Sean McVay and Veronika Khomyn made their relationship public, Sean’s fans rushed to social media to learn more about his future wife. It was during this time that Veronika Khomyn’s Instagram became a popular spot where fans explored their curiosity about their idol’s model girlfriend. Her Instagram started accruing many followers, which soon hit 55,000 fans. 

Veronika Khomyn Sean McVay Wife bikini

Veronika sought to maximize the unexpected turn of events by posting sweet messages about her boyfriend. She is not shy to share photos of her lifestyle, their travels, and new homes. These posts typically attract massive views, likes, and comments. Veronika loves displaying her affection for McVay in public. She often refers to him by his nickname’ McBae.’ The couple enjoys traveling, watching football, and spending time with their dog.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Veronika Khomyn

She is a football fan:

Most people assume Veronika loves football just because she is dating a football coach. However, it is interesting to know that Veronika has a long, strong interest in football, which started well before she met and started a relationship with McVay. It’s no wonder McVay often discusses his work with his fiancée, according to some of his past interviews. This in itself suggests she has a fair amount of knowledge about the football field.

She helped McVay move:

When McVay took up the LA Rams job, he thought he would always have time to return to his Virginia home. However, he was dead wrong due to an increasing workload at his new assignment. Veronika moved to his home in Virginia, packed up his stuff with the help of a few friends, and sold the house in a single day.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach and his Fiancee

This not only showcases her real estate sales skills but also demonstrates the level of trust between the two. Veronika also helped clean out their old Virginia townhouse so Sean could start his new coaching duties right away.

She maintains a separate account for their dog:

Veronika Khomyn has a separate media account exclusively for her dog, a pitbull born on June 2. The account is not as active as her personal account but still attracts a remarkable level of engagement. There are several photos of naps, belly rubs, and hikes with the pet.

She may have retired from modeling:

Veronika may have given up her modeling career despite her gorgeous looks. She is reportedly focusing more on the increasing attention from online football fans. That has ultimately resulted in more commercial relationships with more brands. She is currently using her Instagram page to connect with fans and promote sponsored products.

Life As Sean McVay’s Wife

When your fiancé is the youngest and one of the most handsome coaches in the NFL, chances of escaping the limelight are pretty slim. This is precisely what Sean McVay’s wife-to-be is currently going through.

Veronika Khomyn Sean McVay Wife

Luckily, unlike her fiancé, Veronika seems to enjoy all the attention. She has even gone ahead to maximize it to boost her fashion and modeling career. However, it is essential to note that, although Veronika Khomyn’s popularity skyrocketed after meeting McVay, she is a charming beauty with an exciting personality. And she totally deserves the public attention she enjoys currently.

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