Instagram Model Goes Into More Details On Why She Exposed Dwayne Haskins Asking For $20k Back In Gifts (PICS)

Former Washington first-round draft pick quarterback Dwayne Haskins was exposed after he requested money back from an IG model because now he’s married.

Vanessa Chantal exposed messages of the Pittsburgh Steelers QB wanting $20,000 for ‘back pay’ since the two of them are no longer an item and he has moved on to bigger and better things….or so he thought. The wife of Haskins, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins, is facing a felony charge of battery and domestic violence resulting in bodily harm stemming from the alleged altercation back on July 3rd at The Cosmopolitan.

Chantal recently spoke more in depth to a blog as to why she exposed him.

“Haskins and I talked over a year ago and now he suddenly wants money back for trips, Chanel, etc. It was just a very bizarre request and very troubling for me that he would think this request would be approved.

We were never officially dating. In my opinion I would call it just friends.”

When she was asked if it was a loan:

“Hell Na hahaha all of those were gifts. I honestly can’t call it. How are you gonna loan me a Chanel purse?”

Chantal shared screenshots of the text message exchange between herself and Haskins last week. In the texts, the 24-year-old claims the money will not be going back into his pocket, but to assist family members in need.

Chantal laughed at Haskins’ request, and clearly has no desire or intent to pay him back.

Haskins was waived by the Washington Football Team last December after he was photographed maskless at a strip club mid-pandemic in clear violation of the league’s COVID-19 protocols.

He now has a change of scenery with the Pittsburgh Steelers and likely has a chance to take over the starting QB position when Big Ben retires.