Larry Johnson Completely Agrees With Cappie Pondexter Alleging LeBron is “Sex Trafficking” Women (PIC)

Cappie Pondexter has set social media on fire this week after she took to her Instagram Live and make shocking and unfounded allegations that LeBron James was not only a sex trafficker, but also stole money out of her bank account.

“I do not fuck with LeBron James, that ni–a’s a trafficker. He is a fucking trafficker. He trafficks women in real time.”

“That ni–a stole all my money out of my bank account.”

The former WNBA star didn’t have too many supporters on her side, but Larry Johnson certainly agreed. The former Chiefs running back took to his Instagram Story and agreed with Cappie while adding his own two cents to the story.

“Where do you think masons & boule learn that behavior from? From their York/Scottish Rite/Vatican counterparts. They’ll call her crazy but this will never hit MSM which you can discern it”s not controlled Opposition, and they tried to cover him by sharing his love for his wife COINCIDENTALLY”

“Never envy your oppressor & choose none of his ways. – Proverbs 3:31”

Take that information and use it as you see fit.

Pondexter last played in the WNBA in 2018 for the Indiana Fever. She spent 13 seasons in the league playing with Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Phoenix, averaging 16.4 points a game.