Man Gets Completely Humiliated When His Proposal At Baseball Game Goes Terribly Wrong (VIDEO)

Let this be a lesson for any man thinking about asking their girlfriend to marry them at a sporting event: STOP THAT!

Video of a man’s proposal at a minor league baseball game in Massachusetts has gone insanely viral, not because it was a heartwarming moment, but because he was left on his knee after his girl said no and ran off.

Check it out:

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Many thought this may have been a setup by the team, but the New York Post found out it was very real:

“But a source with knowledge of the incident told The Post the proposal was planned and that family members of the couple were in the crowd — one sign that it was real-life romantic fumble.

“It was definitely not a stunt in any way by the club—and every indication from those involved was that it was sincere,” said Bill Wanless, Vice President of Communications for the Worcester Red Sox. “But we haven’t heard anything from the parties involved.”