Rachel Nichols Gets Blasted For Her Awful Question To Chris Paul During Press Conference (VIDEO + TWEETS)

It seems like we finally met the end of Rachel Nichols’ illustrous career. It was just a few weeks ago when ESPN had to take her off the NBA Finals coverage after secret audio leaked out of her calling Maria Taylor a diversity hire last season in the NBA bubble.

She was replaced with Malika Andrews.

This week, she is getting blasted again for a terrible question to Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul.

Nichols asked Paul “what it does it feel like,” after his team blew a 2-0 lead and basically got swept the rest of the way.

Everybody hated that question.

Chris Paul likely lost his final and best chance to bring home an NBA championship as he poured in 26 points, five assists, two rebounds, but ultimately lost the game and fell to 0-13 in playoff games when Scott Foster was on the officiating crew.

Paul reportedly is leaning toward opting out of the $44 million final season of his contract to try for a three-year deal.

“We just lost a few minutes ago, you know what I mean?’’ Paul said. “Right now we’re going to process this and figure this out. I think everything else will take care of itself.

“I’ll take some time to think about that, but right now you’re just trying to figure out what you could have done more. It’s tough.

“Great group of guys, hell of a season, but this one is going to hurt for a while. We sort of saw what it takes to get there and hopefully we see what it takes to get past that.’’