Sports Media World Erupted In Praise On How Malika Andrews Performed During NBA Finals (TWEETS)

The Milwaukee Bucks may have came out as NBA Champions after their Game 6 win against the Phoenix Suns, but Malika Andrews came out as the real winner on this night. The Sideline reporter emerged as the real MVP for her ability to seamlessly conduct post-game interviews amid a wild celebration.

Andrews’ performance stood in stark contrast to that of Rachel Nichols, who was demoted by ESPN for expressing frustration over the success experienced by one of her Black colleagues.

Andrews, who at just 26 is the youngest NBA reporter to host the NBA Finals trophy ceremony, was praised widely on Twitter.

Check it out:

“As a black woman, particularly one in sports journalism, having someone like @malika_andrews as a role model is special,” Kendra said. “The fact that she’s also my sister just makes me feel that much more lucky. She killed it tonight, as she always does.”