Jalen Rose Issues Public Apology For Roasting Kendrick Perkins On Live TV (VIDEO)

Former NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins has quickly become one of the shining stars of hot takes on ESPN. He has made regular appearances on SportsCenter, First Take, and “The Jump.”

Over the past few weeks, Big Perk has been adamant over the past few weeks that the Greek Freak is more of a sidekick than the main superstar. As we all know, he was proven wrong when the Bucks won the NBA Championship and Giannis scored 50 points in Game 6.

He also called Milwaukee the “dumbest” team in Finals history.

Fellow analyst Jalen Rose let him have it on “Get Up!”

“You know what happens, Greeny? Young folks like this that been doing this job for five years, they get one or two things right they get one or two catchphrases and they come over here with their Dr. Seuss lines, wearing their 80s pastor’s suits and think all of their takes are gonna be hot. So let me tell you a couple of things I heard Perk say about this series.

Didn’t he just slander coach Bud the entire year about not making adjustments? Hey Perk, the number one adjustment this year was giving the ball to Middleton the last couple of minutes in a game. Jrue Holiday isn’t the best two-way player in the NBA. Last night, you saw the best two way player in the NBA: that’s Giannis Antetokounmpo. And, Khris Middleton is not ‘that man,’ that happens to be the Greek Freak. Don’t try to flip it and say ‘now he’s superman.'”

The two of them also engaged in a shouting match as well where they took shots at each other.

Apparently, Perk found some of the things Rose said disrespectful, which led to him issuing a public apology for it.