Who Is Alica Schmidt? Meet The World’s Hottest Olympic Athlete

alica schmidt worlds hottest athlete

Alica Schmidt is a track and internet sensation, known not just for her exceptional athletic talent, but for her physical attractiveness as well.

Schmidt was born and raised in Worms, Germany. She is from a small town in the western part of the country where her parents supplied a warm environment and a normal childhood. However, Alica Schmidt herself is anything but normal. Since she was a little girl her love of sports was present throughout everything she did.

Specifically, she developed a strong bond and love for running and hurdling. This connection with running combined with a strong work ethic that she accredits to her parents is what really set this German athlete on a path to being a 2021 Olympian and an internet sensation.

Alica’s Big Break

In 2017, Alica Schmidt got her first big break. Schmidt was selected to be put on the 2017 German National Team. This meant she was representing her country in the 4×400 relay race at the 2017 European Athletics Under-20 Championships.

alica schmidt germany tokyo olympics

This was a huge boost in Schmidt’s exposure as she and her teammates brought home the silver medal. This was the first time she became a track sensation, had competed on an international level and gained international fame.

In 2017, the New York Post published an article on Alica Schmidt, foreshadowing her path to the Olympics. Since then, Alica’s competition experience and media recognition have grown exponentially. As a result, she has created a plethora of opportunities. This includes getting sponsored by Puma and growing her social media following to celebrity level fame. 

New Fame, New Game

By this point, it was hard to deny that Alica Schmidt was not only a track sensation but an internet sensation as well. She was getting lots of attention beyond just her athletic skills. Newspapers and magazines across the world had taken an interest in this tall, blonde track star from Germany.

In 2017, Busted Coverage dubbed her the “World’s Hottest Track Athlete.” Since then the media coverage and fans grew not necessarily because of her sporting abilities but because she is an object of traditional beauty.

world's hottest athlete

Despite the athlete’s exceptional endurance and speed at such a young age while also successfully representing her country and bringing home multiple wins alongside her team, her success would be diminished to aspects that she was essentially born with and not acquired through hard work, skill and determination.

The press was more concerned with how her body looked while she ran instead of how fast she was running. This takes the focus and recognition off of the game and on to aesthetics, which can be frustrating especially if you have trained your whole life for these athletic competitions.

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Nevertheless, being an internet sensation lets Alica use her fame to her advantage. The track and field star often takes the capitalist route, profiting off of the beauty and entertainment industry in order to help her get better sponsors and resources that can improve her skills on the track. 

Alica Schmidt’s Dedication to the Sport

Beyond the unexpected media attention, Schmidt continued to focus on the sport, participating in different competitions and expanding her capabilities. While racing in a variety of 200-, 400-, and 800-meter races, Alica found that her skill in hurdling was also exceptional and decided to compete in her first hurdling race. She then built up more experience in sporting championships and began to win more competitions.

alica schmidt olympic athlete 2021

In 2018, she participated in the German hurdling championship, running the 400-meter hurdle and coming in 5th place. She was only one inch away from beating her personal best. And while she was happy with 5th place, Alica strives for perfection and stays committed to always improving her performance.

Alica Schmidt is a Role Model

By 2019, Schmidt gained national recognition again as she was selected for the German track and field Team in the 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships.

german relay team u23
(Photo by Oliver Hardt/ Getty Images for European Athletics)

Alica Schmidt is now taking the world by storm. She’s amassed massive attention on and off the track, more so than the previous years. Young women around the world look to this track sensation as a role model. Even those who are not interested in the sport still know her name. The star’s Instagram following had accumulated several hundred thousand followers. Many people even started looking to her for workout and diet routines, as well as travel and running advice.

No one could have known that a young girl from Worms, Germany, would grow up to be a five-foot, eight-inch tall goddess with such talent and fame. 

Internet Sensation Turned 2021 Summer Olympian

Alica, the superstar track sensation, announced that she will be a 2021 Summer Olympic athlete, taking her career to new heights and undoubtedly inspiring many more people as she represents her country at the Tokyo Olympics

Daily Star reports she will be competing in the women’s 4×400 relay and the games’ first 4×400 mixed relay. While some people have doubted her track performance due to her physical appearance, her consistent speed and perseverance have continued to prove her talent and determination to the sport.

alica schmidt germany track and field

Schmidt even says that she doesn’t understand why the media keeps insisting on the title of sexiest or hottest athlete. She’s gone so far as to say, “I do not know why I got this title…Sport clearly comes first.”

Why Alicia Schmidt Really is a Sensation

Alica Schmidt is truly an inspiration to all sports fans. Her example has shown her integrity as an athlete. And she continues to make her country, her teammates and her fans proud.

Schmidt’s personality and love for the sport is evident when she says the following:

“There are so many misconceptions about running, Questions like: Where do you run? And why? Of all things: Why run? Is there something you are running from?

“Let me try and get this straight. Would you ask a flower why it blooms in spring? A newborn falcon, why is it gonna flap its wings? You wouldn’t ask the earth why it’s so obsessed with the sun. But you’ll ask me about why I run?”

alica schmidt

Schmidt has shown time and again that she is profoundly passionate about running. Even though the media’s coverage tends to focus on her physical beauty more than her talent, the German athlete is not willing to let it distract her from her first priority, training to win.

That is the real reason why Alica Schmidt is such an inspiration. She is hard-working and determined to compete at her best. That’s what makes Alica Schmidt an olympic-sized track and internet sensation.