Indians P Nick Wittgren & His Wife Receive Death Threats, Gay Slurs After Terrible Game (TWEET)

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

The baseball team soon-to-be-called the Cleveland Guardians lost to the Tampa Bay Rays Friday and it prompted a ton of angry fans to send death threats to pitcher Nick Wittgren, his wife has said.

Going into the ninth inning, the score was tied 4-4, but when Wittgren took to the mound, things went haywire as the Rays scored six runs. The final score was 10-5.

Wittgren’s wife, Ashley, exposed death threat and gay slur messages the pitcher has received since the game’s conclusion.

“Ya’ll I get it, my husband had a bad day at work,” she said in a Tweet. “But sending both of us very explicit death threats aimed at him, me and our children is absolutely inexcusable.”

“I don’t know what the worst part is — that this isn’t the first time, that this won’t be the last time, or that other families ALSO receiving these regularly.

“Thank you for all of the kind messages,” Wittgren said on social media. “Sadly this is considered “normal” in professional sports. It’s happened to 90% of players I know and basically after every bad outing a player has. But there is nothing normal about threatening someone and their families lives.”

This just yet another instance of the fan base losing their mind on the players as first baseman Yu Chang was on the receiving end of racist tweets after making a costly error during a game back in April.