PJ Washington Appears To Call Out Brittany Renner For ‘Faking’ Relationship To Get Baby Out of Him (TWEETS)

All lessons are eventually learned, but some are learned much harder than others.

PJ Washington found that out the hard way after he got into a relationship with well known Instagram model Brittany Renner. A month after confirming their relationship, the Charlotte Hornets player and fitness model announced they had a baby on the way.

After having the baby, social media noticed that the two of them deleted pictures of each other and unfollowed the other on Instagram.

Fast forward to this week and Washington appears to have responded to the rumors by blasting his ex on Twitter for being fake to him the entire time.

“You was faking it all along”

How social media responded:

Renner has went viral several times over the years, but nothing was more memorable than when she wrote in a book that Colin Kaepernick used to make her save her money in order to fly out aqnd see him so they could have sex.