Olympic Boxer Channels Mike Tyson By Trying To Bite His Opponent’s Ear Off (VIDEO)

Morocco’s Youness Baalla attempted to bite the ear of his rival, New Zealand’s David Nyika, during their heavyweight round of 16 boxing bout at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday.

Youness Baalla was trailing by points when he leaned in toward New Zealand’s David Nyika’s right ear with his mouth open wide and trying to take a bit e out of crime.

Way back in 1997, Mike Tyson went insanely viral before it was even a thing after he bit off of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

“Luckily he had his mouthguard in and I was a bit sweaty… But c’mon man this is the Olympics, get your s–t together,” Nyika said after the bout.

The 22-year-old had already lost, but he was disqualified after the fight for his “intolerable action” after Olympic officials ruled he “very clearly intended to bite the ear/face of his opponent,” New Zealand’s Stuff noted.

Baalla later complained about getting hate messages following the bout.

“To all the people coming from New Zealand … with all my respect to this country but you’re not showing respect to yourselves,” Baalla wrote on his Instagram stories.

“I will not answer any bad DM or comment from you and sorry I have big things waiting for me.”