Aaron Rodgers Takes Low-Key Shot At Packers Organization During Press Conference (VIDEO)

Aaron Rodgers was back practicing with his teammates after showing up to Green Bay earlier this week after a crazy offseason that looked as if he would be traded or retire.

The soon to be hall of fame QB might be back at Lambeau Field, but it does not mean he is on board with the front office, and he made that clear during a long press conference on Thursday.

In the midst of him answering questions, Rodgers took massive dumps on the organization.

“I just want to be involved in conversations that affect my ability to do my job,” Rodgers said.

When asked if he’s gotten any assurances that it will happen, he said: “I’m not sure … at this point.”

Full audio:

“I wanted to help the organization, maybe learn from the some of the mistakes in the past … and about the way that some of the outgoing veterans were treated,” Rodgers said. “And just the fact that we didn’t retain a number of players that I felt like were core players to our foundation, to our locker room. High-character guys.”

Rodgers said that his issues with the Packers this offseason began with a conversation in February, in which he expressed desire to have more of say in things that affected his job.

“As I felt like, ‘If you can’t commit to me past 2021, and I’m not a part of recruiting process in free agency, if I’m not a part of the future, instead of letting me be a lame-duck quarterback, if you want to make a chance and move forward, then go ahead and do it.’,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers still doesn’t know what his future holds beyond this season, but for now, he is here and the team still has Super Bowl aspirations.