Tom Brady Slams Helmet, Punts Football, & Curses At Teammates After Getting Sacked & Throwing Incompletions

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Tom Brady was entirely pissed off on Sunday during practice.

The Buccaneers quarterback is hoping to lead his team back to another Super Bowl victory, but they need top be flawless now while at training camp. Ahead of their September 9th season opener against the Cowboys, the Bucs are already a week into their 2021 training camp with high expectations, especially after they returned all 22 starters from their Super Bowl LV win in February.

Rick Stroud, a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times who covers the Buccaneers, was at training camp today and tweeted about an incident. A 2-minute drive ended after a sack and a couple completions, which set Brady off as he slammed his helmet and yelled, “Gotta make a f**king play when you’re tired fellas.”

Brady’s outrage continued when he punted a football to the other field.

Head coach Bruce Arians said he understood Brady’s frustration.

“Guys have got to make plays,” Arians said, via Yahoo Sports. “You’re in a critical situation, you can’t fall down. He gives you a chance to win the game. You’ve got to go down and win the game. I don’t care how tired you are.”

Overall, Arians said the Bucs were practicing hard, but not practicing smart.

“I’m really pleased with the effort,” Arians said. “We’re working extremely hard, two days in a row. Fast. But I’m not seeing the smart. We’ve got to be a much smarter football team. After watching (Saturday)’s practice, we made way too many mental errors.

“Same thing (Sunday) with guys getting lined up, especially those young wide receivers, and it’s time for them to grow up. Can’t ask any more of our football team in terms of work. Work, speed of practice and all those things. Very, very competitive, but we’ve got to become a smarter football team quick.”

Last year, Tom Brady threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns in the regular season.