Allen Iverson Hilariously Recalls How Biggie Smalls Got Him High For The 1st Time In His Life (VIDEO)

Allen Iverson was completely freaked out over a cartoon alien after smoking with the Notorious B.I.G and Lil Cease in the 1990s.

Chronic and Hash are very different in terms of what kind of high they can get you. Iverson was sharing a hotel one day with Biggie and thought he was smoking chronic, which is the less potent version.

However, he had accidentally gotten his hands on some hash and started tripping out. Iverson was wearing a shirt that was a parody to Janet Jackson’s famous 1993 Rolling Stone cover except instead of Janet Jackson, an alien cartoon replaced her.

“I just remember going to the bathroom… I’m looking in the mirror at the shirt, and I notice that the shirt did not have her face… it had an alien face on her body,” he recalled in an interview with The Player’s Tribune this week.

It appears the 76ers legend had completely forgotten he was wearing a parody version of the Jackson image, and couldn’t figure out what had happened to Jackson’s face.

“I’m looking in the mirror and I’m trippin.’ I’m wiping the shirt off [to try and reveal the human Jackson’s face] and everything. I’m thinking like that’s supposed to be her, but it’s this alien cartoon character,” he said.

He added he also got repeatedly lost on his way back into the studio and kept ending up in the bathroom.

“A lady was walking by, and as I was walking by her, I was just stomping ‘cause I couldn’t feel my feet. And she was like, ‘Uh, A.I., you alright?’” he remembered.

“I went back to my hotel room — room was spinning or whatever. And that was like the weirdest experience that I had,” he said.