Brittany Renner Appears To Call Out PJ Washington For Playing The ‘Victim’ Role In Getting Her Pregnant (PIC)

Brittany Renner does not care what people think about her, but she is not going to sit back and watch her former boyfriend and father to her child drag her name through the mud without a response.

Social media erupted after it was revealed that Charlotte Hornets’ player PJ Washington and his model girlfriend Brittany Renner had broken up just months after they had welcomed a child into the world. It looked like their split wasn’t the most amicable, with Washington tweeting-and-deleting, “You was faking it all along.”

Both Renner and Washington spoke about the situation on their respective platforms.

Renner took to her Instagram story on Sarurday and posted something that appeared to be a shot at Washington.

Renner has been sarcastically responding to fans accusing her of “grooming” PJ on Twitter.

“You stalked an 18 year old in college while you were pushing 30 and had a kid with him just to drop him. You’re the worst kind of human,” wrote one fan. Brittany responded, saying, “Tell me more [ear emoji] this is getting juicy!” She then proceeded to tweet, “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge.”

As for PJ Washington, he recently wrote, “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” which earned a retweet from Brittany.