Former UFC Champ & Olympian Henry Cejudo Catching Heat For Saying Simone Biles ‘Needs To Check Herself’ (VIDEO + TWEETS)

A former Olympian is catching major heat this week for saying Simone Biles “really needs to check herself” and might need some “tough love” after she withdrew from all but one Olympic event.

Henry Cejudo, who won gold in 2008 in the freestyle-wrestling event in Beijing, posted a video on Twitter giving his take on the gymnast’s decision to bow out of the team finals and the all-around competition so she could focus on her mental health.

“I think there’s time for a little bit of tough love,” Cejudo, who is now retired from competition, said in the clip, adding “sometimes we do need a nice kick in the arse.”

“People say the media created her and you know they put upon this pressure. Not really.

“They only give you a platform. It’s up to you to believe it and to accept it. If you start to think you’re the GOAT and the greatest of all time, then that’s on you.”

Cejudo added that Biles decision was a “mistake” and said the Olympics are a “true battle of will” and if she truly is going to refer to herself as the GOAT, then she has to “live” out that truth.

“Pressure could either break, or it could make diamonds.

“Pressure could either bust pipes or it can create and make diamonds. You choose what to do for it, or what to do with it, remember that.”

As expected, his opinion was not well received:

On Monday, USA Gymnastics announced Biles will be competing in the individual balance beam event on Tuesday.