Paige Spiranac Calls Out Hypocritical Women ‘Posting About Hot Male Athletes’ at Tokyo Olympics (TWEET)

Paige Spiranac knows what it is like to be objectified for her body and ignored for her other talents. She is perfectly fine with and has made a ton of money from it.

She also notices that the women who have an issue with being objectified seem to be the same ones who engage in the type of things that they blast men for. The social media personality and former professional golfer took to Twitter to call out women who are posting about hot male athletes during the 2020 Olympic Games.

“All I see on [TikTok] is women posting about hot male athletes competing in the Olympics and how it’s the reason they are watching,” Paige Spiranac states in her post. She then states that it is a bit hypocritical when they call men out for the exact same comments and put down women who embrace their “sexy” side.

One Twitter user tweets, “TikTok is an algorithm-based experience so if that’s all you’re seeing, it’s because those are the only videos you watch long enough to get the algorithm to show more. I’ve seen 0 of these videos.”

Paige’s réponse to the tweet was simply, “I’m literally defending men here and you’re mansplaining TikTok to me.”

Good for Paige, now let’s take a look at her body: