Floyd Mayweather Net Worth In 2021: Everything To Know

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth
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What is Floyd Mayweather’s net worth in 2021?

When you talk about the greatest boxers to ever do it, you’d be hard-pressed to get through a conversation without mentioning Floyd Mayweather Jr. His 50 and 0 record speaks for itself.

Being that good for so long means Money Mayweather has seen some big earnings. It’s no secret that the boxer loves making money and loves spending it.

But how much does Floyd make? When you look up “Floyd Mayweather net worth” what should you expect to find? How did he make all that dough?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to discover Floyd Mayweather’s net worth in 2021. 

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2021: Estimates

The reported figure on Mayweather’s net worth isn’t exact, but Bleacher Report claims it’s anywhere between $450 million and $525 million. This depends on which source you ask. Celebrity Net Worth has it at $450-million. But the consensus is that it’s in that range.

The Money Team TMT
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Floyd himself has stated that he can guarantee himself at least $35 million for each match he takes on. He doesn’t keep it a secret that his name carries a lot of drawing power for pay-per-view revenue.

But no one draws that much attention from fights just by chance. Having a 50-0 record as a professional boxer certainly help.

Let’s take a look at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s competitive track record in the past few years to see how he’s been able to earn so much.

Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Earnings

Let’s first look at his most recent outing against YouTube sensation Logan Paul. Despite many hardcore boxing fans’ distaste toward the absurdity of the bout, Floyd certainly earned quite a bit from the exhibition.

Floyd himself boasted that he made $100 million on a “fake” fight. The legitimacy of the bout notwithstanding, it’s clear that the Logan Paul fight was a lucrative endeavor.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
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Another noteworthy fight is Floyd’s money fight against former UFC champion Conor McGregor. This bout was incredibly successful, both for each fighter and in terms of PPV buys.

Some say Mayweather earned over $200 million for the fight, with about $100 million guaranteed. His victory over Conor was his last professional fight and put his record squarely at 50-0.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor
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Other eye-opening earnings include his fight against current superstar Canelo Alvarez, which earned Floyd the W and about $73 million. His super-fight against Manny Pacquiao reportedly netted the star about $250 million.

When you combine all of his professional fights, you get total earnings of over $800 million. And when you add in the exhibition fights, the figure rises to nearly $1.1 billion. However, that doesn’t tell the full tale since Floyd has also had plenty of sponsorships over the years.

Floyd Mayweather Sponsorships

One of the most interesting things about combat sports is that fighters are allowed to wear their sponsorships on their clothes (unless you’re the UFC). With that said, Floyd’s sponsor history may surprise you.

No doubt Floyd’s had a few big sponsorships on his trunks over the years. But the marketable boxer’s asking price is actually quite high.

floyd mayweather net worth 2021
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During his fight with Pacquiao, Mayweather proudly wore the luxury watch brand Hublot. He also sported Burger King and Fanduel during his victory over the Filipino boxer.

It’s been reported that each of those companies had to dish out $1 million to get their names on Floyd’s trunks. This is a trend in Mayweather’s career, as he sets a high asking price for sponsors despite his big-name status.

With that said, companies still secure lucrative sponsorships for each of his outings.

TAAT, a tobacco company, sealed a partnership with Floyd’s people during the Logan Paul fight. Grant Worldwide, a boxing glove company, has also backed Mayweather in many of his bouts.

How Floyd Mayweather Spends His Net Worth

So how does a multi-boxing champion spend his near $1 billion in earnings? Quite extravagantly, as it turns out.

Big Time Expenses

Some of his biggest expenses might not be surprising, such as a $25 million mansion and his own strip club. He’s also bought plenty of private jets and luxury cars.

You’ll often hear about some of the wackiest things Floyd has spent his millions on, including a diamond-encrusted iPod case in 2010. It’s no secret that Floyd is someone who isn’t afraid to spend his money. And he’s also not afraid to show his purchases off on social media.

floyd mayweather net worth 2021
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He’s also not afraid to bet on it either. Mayweather is a known gambler, as he regularly plays six-figure hands of Blackjack. He also reportedly bet $1 million on the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl. 

Something else that Floyd consistently spends money on is his watches. You’ll seldom see Mayweather without an expensive-looking watch during pressers and for good reason.

He’s also a big fan of sports as we’ve alluded to before with his betting habit. Not only did he bet over $5 million for the Miami Heat to win the finals in 2013, but he also copped four tickets for game 7 of that series.


Mayweather’s not all about spending his money on shoes and cars. He’s invested plenty of money into different ventures to upkeep his legacy. 

His biggest feat is probably Mayweather Promotions, his very own promotion company that he started in 2006. The promotion has grown to a respectable size and sports a more than decent roster.

He also has a lifestyle brand called The Money Team, or TMT for short.

money boxing TMT
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TMT market themselves as experts on anything from fashion, sports, music, and other facets of entertainment. It even has a racing division given Mayweather’s fascination with the sport.

Other than that, Floyd’s put some of his money in smaller ventures such as an adult club in Las Vegas called The Girl Collection. He also owns a roller skate rink in Sin City called Skate Rock City.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 

When you look up “Floyd Mayweather net worth,” you’ll find that the man makes millions and spends millions. Hopefully, this article helped you get a grasp on just how much the man makes and how he spends his cash.

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