Warren Moon Wants To Have A Conversation With Deshaun Watson On His Issues: ‘It’s A Touchy Situation’ (VIDEO)

Back in January, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon advised the Houston Texans to tread lightly in their situation with Deshaun Watson, but this was regarding him demanding a trade as his legal issues hadn’t come to light just yet.

“I think the only way this going to get somehow solved is they’re going to have to get in the same room together,” Moon said on the Jake Asman Show on SportsMap Radio. “Mr. McNair, their owner, [Jack] Easterby the general manager and also their new general manager, they’re all going to have to be in the same room to figure out, ‘Where do we go from here and what’s the damage that’s been done?”

Because of his legal issues, he is not traded and in training camp with the team he does not want to be associated with any longer. The former Houston Oilers star quarterback wants to help Watson.

“I have not communicated with him lately, but I think I need to now that he’s in camp,” the legendary quarterback told TMZ Sports.

“And hopefully he’ll be available to do that because I know he’s kind of kept his camp very, very small since this whole thing happened which I don’t blame him for.”

Watson is a big fan of Moon and has spoken well of him in the past. He wore a Moon Oilers jersey to a game in 2019.