Sports Broadcaster Calls Out Male Olympic Athletes Inviting Female Reporters To Their Room & Treating Them Terribly (TWEETS)

Laura Okmin is not going to sit back and watch women in her field get treated like crap by athletes or just any man in general.

On Wednesday, the NFL on FOX sports broadcaster took to Twitter to talk about the many messages she has received from other women speaking about male Olympic athletes not only inviting them to their rooms, but treating them terribly after they turn them down.

“Olympic coverage means long hours on the road. Getting WAY TOO MANY msgs like this: “I’m appalled at the men who have been hitting on me and inviting me to their rooms and so forth. I can handle that and blow it off easily. What I can’t handle is the way they treat me (cont..)”

“(as they are above me) when I deny them. Do you have advice on how to keep my confidence up?” ENOUGH. Stop putting women in this position. We are sharing stories and names. We know who you are. The old days of protecting you are over – we are now protecting each other.”

“Ladies, don’t go through this alone. Lean on a mentor (DM’s open) and your sisters. Don’t let anyone get into your head and touch your confidence. Share your stories. You have a support system of women who have navigated this – lean into that.”

She then left off with the below warning.

“And finally. If you’re wondering if this tweet is about you…. It is.”

Okmin now serves as a sports broadcaster, appearing on Fox Sports’ NFL on FOX, FOX NFL SUNDAY, and FOX NFL KICKOFF. Since joining the network in 2002, she has appeared on its numerous platforms.