Soccer Fans Are Pissed At Shannon Sharpe Over His Comments About Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi (TWEETS)

If you decide to come at soccer fans, you best not miss.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two players that likely garner more conversation worldwide than LeBron and Jordan do in the Unites States.

Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports was recently discussing the greatest player rivalries in sports during Monday’s edition of Undisputed. He mentioned Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as well as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. He failed to bring up Ronaldo and Messi, and one fan said on Twitter to him.

“Uncle @ShannonSharpe, Ronaldo vs Messi ia the greatest sporting rivalry we will ever see,” one fan said on Twitter. “For over 15 years, these two guys dominated soccer. Just them, only them! Bird and Magic were great, but Jordan quickly took over. Payton and Brady was only for 5 years. Its Mess vs Ronaldo!”

Sharpe did not acknowledge the rivalry as he more so questioned it.

“How often has Messi/Ronaldo actually faced each other? How many did one prevent the other from winning a title?,” Sharpe responded.

It was at the moment he triggered a barage of soccer fans blasting him for what he said.

Sharpe should stick strictly with Football instead Futbol, because he is way out of his league.