Former Tiger Woods’ Mistress Rachel Uchitel Having Financial Issues Despite $8 Million Settlement

Tiger Woods’ former mistress Rachel Uchitel is revealing details about her years of legal and financial trouble she’s suffered, which stems from her highly publicized affair with the famed golfer.

A New York Times report about Uchitel’s attempts to salvage her reputation dove into the strife she has over the multi-million dollar nondisclosure agreement she signed that promised her a payment of $5 million and $1 million annually for three years after.

“I’m not an idiot, I’m not a hooker, I’m not a prostitute,” Uchitel said. “I was and am a very smart girl and that’s why I negotiated $8 million, because I knew it was going to affect my life.”

Uchitel explained that she only received a cut of the money due to taxes and legal fees. When the 46-year-old signed on to do “Celebrity Rehab” in 2010, Woods’ legal team demanded that she pay back the money and she ultimately agreed to give up the additional $3 million she was owed.

She said she was threatened by Woods’ lawyer Michael Holtz over taking part in HBO’s “Tiger” documentary, which was released just this year.

“If you get a job, I’ll come after your wages. If you get married, I’ll go after your joint bank account,” Uchitel says Holtz told her. “I will come after you for the rest of your life.”

Uchitel added that she has opened and closed two children’s clothing stores, and both are in debt. Earlier this year, she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Holtz attended the bankruptcy meeting in May.

When Woods’ infidelities became known worldwide, Uchitel said she turned down requests to speak to reporters. But when other women started coming forward, she grew “pissed” and “tired of lying for [Woods] as he and his lawyer and agent left me out to dry.”

The attorney for Woods is seeking to file a claim against Uchitel to sue her for breaching the $8 million nondisclosure agreement she signed that stopped her from muttering any words about the professional golfer.

“His lawyers are saying, ‘We want all your text messages and here’s the price,’” she recalled to the outlet, “and you’re like ‘screw you’ and you move into deal-maker mode and all of a sudden, it’s the rest of your life.”

Uchitel ended up hiring Los Angeles lawyer Michael Piuze. In 2014, Piuze helped Uchitel secure $600,000 from Allred due to a “breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.”

Piuze died in 2020 and now Uchitel is “on her own,” the report states.