Savannah Bananas Baseball Player Calls His Defensive Shot While Being Mic’d Up & Talking To Broadcasters (VIDEO)

You cannot stop the Savannah Bananas, you can only hope to contain them.

The Bananas, who play ball in the Costal Plain League, are going viral this week after third baseman Bill LeRoy was in a spirited conversation with the braodcast booth during play. He proceeded to call his defensive shot.

“Gonna roll it over, I’m gonna backhand it on the short hop, and Manny Machado underhand throw it to first,” LeRoy said to the guys in the booth.

It sure sounded good, but not entirely likely to happen rightaway.

Boy, were we wrong. The exact same thing he said happened on the very next pitch.

Check it out:

“Look at this, bingo! Bingo! I literally just called that!” LeRoy said as soon as the play was over.