Racehorse Bucks Rider, Escapes Track & Heads For The Freeway (VIDEO)

If you were driving along US-41 in Kentucky, you likely got shocked to see a racehorse outside of your window or at the very least, got stuck in some crazy traffic because of it.

According to reports, the racehorse bucked its rider at Ellis Park and escaped the track. The horse then made its way to Evansville Water Department where a team eventually rescued him.

“Just in: Ellis Park officials tell Eyewitness News a race horse bucked its rider and escaped the track before the first race this afternoon,” wrote Blake Sandlin of Eyewitness News. “It traveled along US-41 before the owner managed to rescue it at the Evansville Water Department.”

The horse was scheduled to compete at 12:50 p.m. at Ellis Park, but escaped just moments before the race was supposed to happen.

The horse eventually calmed down and was rescued and returned to its owner Saturday afternoon.