Tiger Woods HS Girlfriend Exposes The Cold-Blooded Letter He Sent To Break Their 3-Year Relationship

Tiger Woods first girlfriend is still hurt over the way their relationship suddenly came to an end..

Woods’ dating history was on display in HBO’s two-part “Tiger” documentary where we learned some details of his teenage years. In the doc, Woods broke up with his first girlfriend, Dina Gravell, with a letter where she alleges he wrote he felt “used and manipulated” by her.

“It was awful. We’d been in this three-year relationship,” she said. “I replay that day in my head over and over again.”

They dated for three years, but the relationship was broken off when Tiger returned from college and lied to his parents. Tiger had allegedly returned home from college a day early, but spent the night at Dina’s house rather than going to his parents. Once his parents found out, they were furious and threatened to kick Woods out of the house.

To smooth things over, he sent a letter to Dina.

“Dina, the reason for writing this letter is to inform you my parents and myself never want to talk or hear from you again. Reflecting back over this relationship, I feel used and manipulated by you and your family. I hope the rest of your life runs well for you. I know this is sudden and a surprise. But it is, in my opinion, much warranted.


‘I just waned to confront him. I just wanted him to look me in the face and tell me this. If it’s the truth, then we’re good, then our relationship is a whole lie. That’s fine, but I want to hear it from you.

She decided that it must just not have been part of his parents’ plan.

‘It was like a death, and I had to treat it like a death, because I had to just let it go and pretend like he was gone,’ she said.

‘Because honestly the person that I fell in love with … had died. That part of him, the part of his soul that I knew would never treat me that way.

HBO’s two-part Tiger Woods documentary was released this past January.