McKayla Maroney Bends Over To Give A Sneak Peek Down Her Shirt Before Working Out (PICS)

McKayla Maroney may not be in gymnastics anymore, but she continues to stay in tip-top shape.

Maroney, a 2012 gold and silver medalist, recently took to her Instagram story and showed off her workout gear while bending over to give a sneak peek down her shirt.

Check it out:

As far as what hs eis doing these days, she annoucned a few weeks ago she would be selling an NFT featuring her “Not Impressed” meme — one of the most memorable moments in Olympics history.

“There really has been a gap in sports and capturing iconic moments like that. And to put my meme out, I’m just so excited to do that because its something that meant a lot to me and it really changed my life,” Maroney said to TMZ.

McKayla was photographed looking very umimpressed after winning the silver medal in the vault at the 2012 Olympics. The image went so viral that she met then-President Obama and they took a picture together doing the “not impressed” pose.

“I think it just stands for being imperfect is okay. And to be not impressed, even the President [Obama] said he is not impressed sometimes.”

At least her body remains very impressive.

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