Somebody Rips Vicious Fart During ESPN Soccer Show & Everybody Bursts Into Laughter (VIDEO)

It does not matter how old you are, somebody ripping a fart where it is not supposed to happen will always garner a ton of laughs.

Friday’s episode of ESPN FC’s Extra Time had to come to a halt after somebody on set ripped a fart that caused all three studio commentators to descend into laughter.

While Alejandro Moreno was discussing whether Harry Kane or Kylian Mbappé had the more annoying transfer saga, a small fart could be heard around 9:15 in the below video that caused host Kay Murray to laugh until she cried.

Check it out:

Transcribed via defector:

MORENO: But similarly, [with] Kane, you sort of know what the outcome is gonna be as well, so both of them just seem to be going on and on forever, but I do think that there is gonna be an ending to Kane, whereas Mbappe, we’re gonna keep talking about it up until last year, so—

[A faint noise, Murray starts laughing]

MORENO: You OK, Kay?

MURRAY [through tears]: Stevie, sounds like you had something to say.

NICOL: Yeah, yeah.

MURRAY: What would you like to say, Stevie?

MORENO: Well, he was saying plenty while I was talking.

NICOL: I’m not going to say it, because somebody would say whatever I said stunk.

[More laughter]

MORENO: He said plenty already.