Sha’Carri Richardson Makes Things Worse, ‘Likes’ Tweet Disrespecting Jamaicans’ Way of Life (TWEET)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Sha’Carri Richardson can dish it out, but it certainly cannot take it.

If there was a way to not respond to coming in last place during a recent race, it is the way Sha’Carri Richardson has been handling herself. The country rallied behind Sha’Carri Richardson after she was barred from competing at the Tokyo Olympics because of a failed drug test for cannabis, but that support has dissipated with her recent actions on Twitter.

Following the defeat, many fans accused her of being a sore loser when she was found “liking” rude tweets about Fraser-Pryce, comparing her looks to Lil Wayne.

To make matters worse, the sprinter continues to divide her fanbase because of a “liked” tweet about Jamaicans.

Sha’Carri decided to shade Jamaicans again, double-tapping a disrespectful tweet that reads, “Not y’all Jamaicans still talking shit when y’all gotta walk barefoot to your coconut stand everyday for a living.”

Despite her constant mishaps on social media, Sha’Carri is confident as ever, tweeting, “Only way from 9th is up!”