Actress Allyssa Brooke’s Son Attacked & Punched While Playing B-ball, Suffers Broken Jaw in 3 Places (VIDEO)

Actress Allyssa Brooke’s teenage son was simply playing a game of basketball when he vicxiously got fouled while making a move to the basket.

Allyssa’s son, Nick, tried driving through the lane when he got shoved to the ground for no reason. Nick quickly gets up to confront the guy who committed the flagrant foul, but got pushed. Eventually, somebody else came running over and punched him in the face.

According to TMZ, he suffered a broken jaw in 3 places, a severe concussion and whiplash.

“When he got to the hospital, a baseball-sized lump had formed on the back of his head … prompting concerns from doctors that there might be internal bleeding in his brain.

Allyssa — whose acting credits include “Stranger Things,” “Ozark” and “Queen of the South” — told 11Alive she spent Nick’s 17th birthday feeding him liquids through a syringe because his jaw’s been wired shut for 6 weeks.

Allyssa’s angry at those who found joy in the beatdown. She said, “I don’t expect everybody to be a hero and run in to save the day if that’s not your style. But, to laugh and applaud, and cheer, that’s not humanity.”

Nick will have to have his jaw wired shut and Allyssa says he’ll need additional weeks of bands to strengthen and retrain his bite. He also faces 6 months to a year of wearing braces to realign his teeth.

For the kid who broke his jaw, he was slammed with an assault charge as a juvenile.

Allyssa says the kids who filmed the incident should also be brought to justice.