What Happened To EDP445? His Rise, Allegations and Downfall

EDP445 Eagles Fan

Being a YouTube celebrity is still a relatively new phenomenon, but the site’s biggest personalities still experience a fair bit of controversy. Being famous on the internet means your downfall might come at any moment. Just ask EDP445.

That’s precisely what happened to the YouTube vlogger, as his fall from internet grace gained a lot of notoriety over the past year. But who is EDP? How did he get so big and what really happened to him?

That’s what we’re here to unpack today. Let’s take a look at EDP 445 and his recent downfall. 

Who Is EDP445?

EDP445 (which stands for “EatDatP*ssy) is a YouTube vlogger, reactor, and gamer primarily known for being a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. He gained prominence for his profanity-laden rants about the team.

EDP 445

EDP’s real name is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland. He was born on December 15, 1990, and first created his YouTube channel on June 13, 2010.

His YouTube career spans years across multiple channels. Let’s take a closer look at his posting history to see why he became such a social media sensation.


Bryant Moreland’s first video was reportedly a freestyle rap he performed when he was still in his teens. On November 16, 2010, he posted his first Philadelphia Eagles-related video, talking about the team’s win over the (then) Redskins.

In the years that followed, EDP445 gained notoriety in the sports community for his loud and profane videos about the Eagles. He often gave weekly previews and post-game videos for each game that the Eagles played.

EDP445 Eagles Superfan

EDP 445 also made additional videos about the Eagles’ offseason moves, their overall development, and even covered things like the draft. Occasionally, he would veer from football and talk about other leagues, mainly the NBA. 


Bryant’s main channel gained one million subscribers in February of 2020. Despite this milestone, YouTube denied EDP a Gold Play Button usually reserved for users who reach a million subs.

He also started a cooking channel called CHAOTICKITCHEN445 in 2012, as well as a gaming channel called EDPGAMING1 the following year. Both channels have been relatively dormant in the past few years. 

Popularity Surge

In 2015, EDP 445 went viral with his video ranting about the Eagles trading running back LeSean McCoy. 

The video titled “EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (NSFW) shows Bryant’s reaction towards the team trading away their star running back to the Buffalo Bills. This gained EDP a great deal of notoriety. 

EDP445’s McCoy video was featured on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, as well as MTV’s Ridiculousness. Even ESPN and Fox News featured Bryant’s videos in 2015.

Bryant also had a show on Tyler, the Creator’s Golf Media app called All The Way Live. The show was designed as a parody of popular sports programs, though most of the show’s footage is now lost.

EDP 445 Bryant Moreland

After 2015, Bryant remained a fixture of the YouTube sports community. He even attended Super Bowl 52 to watch the Eagles win the title.

EDP also became popular through internet memes that featured clips of his videos. Videos like “I flooded the toilet in chipotle” gained popularity this way, with countless edits being posted on YouTube and Instagram.

Recent Troubles

So with his channel doing well and his internet stardom holding steady in 2020, what happened to EDP445? 

Since late 2020, Bryant has received multiple allegations of preying on underage girls. He’s attempted to dodge these predator allegations on his channel, with the most prominent accuser being YouTuber ColdRaven. 

EDP445 Arrest allegations

ColdRaven spent much of 2020 releasing footage that seemingly proved that Bryant was messaging underage girls. Bryant also admitted on a live stream that he was fooled into texting fake online accounts pretending to be girls.

By the end of 2020, Bryant had been caught texting multiple underage girls. His predatorial behavior has become increasingly prominent with each EDP 445 message posted online. 

Predator Poachers Incident

In April of 2021, YouTube channel Chet Goldstein (which has since been terminated) run by Alex Rosen streamed a chat log showing a conversation containing explicit messages between Bryant and a decoy. 

The conversation ended with Bryant and the fake 13-year old girl agreeing to meet. According to the stream, Bryant sent several sexually charged messages. 

EDP 445 predator sting

An hour-long video was then posted by Chet Goldstein showing Rosen and his associate confronting Bryant. They confirmed that Bryant was there because he planned to meet a girl who was underage.

Bryant also talks about wanting to meet girls under the age of consent. However, he claims that he wasn’t a pedophile. 

No arrests were immediately made after the video went online. Rosen claims that he contacted the police after they had confronted Bryant. 

Aftermath and EDP445 Today

On April 23, 2021, Bryant began privating all of his videos, including many of the videos in his secondary accounts. His peers and colleagues began cutting ties with him around this time. 

The video of Rosen’s confrontation with Bryant was taken off of YouTube, as well as his channel. The EDP445 channel was terminated shortly thereafter. 

Bryant claimed in a Facebook video in May of 2021 that he was moving all of his videos to a website he was creating. He also criticized Chet Goldstein and other channels about their allegations. 

Eagles superfan

Members of the online community criticized Bryant for refusing to address the allegations themselves. Sports YouTuber UrinatingTree also put out an indictment against personalities like EDP445. 

There hasn’t been any legal action taken against Bryant as of the writing of this article. The police stated that the sting operation set up by Rosen and his crew made it harder to investigate the issue properly. 

What Really Happened to EDP445?

While there hasn’t been any EDP 445 arrest news, it’s clear that his days as an internet sensation are over for now. Every time you see one of his famous Eagles rants and wonder who he is, now you know what happened to him.

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