Megyn Kelly Slammed For Making Fun of US Open ‘Quiet Rooms’ To Help Mental Health of Athletes (TWEETS)

Former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly has been going viral for all the wrong reasons on social media after she gave a snide remark to the news that the U.S. Open will provide “quiet rooms” for tennis players’ mental wellbeing.

“Good Lord please never let the snowflakes who need this sign up for our military,” she tweeted Thursday morning.

Many pointed out that the Marines have utilized quiet rooms as part of their medical capability for years, while others noted that numerous workplaces feature similar “trauma rooms.”

The United States Tennis Association announced a Mental Health Initiative for players competing in the US Open that includes increased mental health resources, such as licensed mental health providers and quiet rooms.

The USTA said in a statement that the program “will ensure that a holistic approach is taken with all aspects of player health, including mental health.”

“We recognize that ensuring the mental health of the players is an area that needed to be addressed, and we are taking formative steps to give athletes the necessary resources to compete at the highest level,” USTA CEO and Executive Director Mike Dowse said.