Brittany Renner: Everything To Know About PJ Washington’s Ex

Brittany Renner
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While you may have seen her name in the headlines or spotted her photos on social media platforms, you may not know much about Brittany Renner’s history. 

This former soccer star, infamous author, and Instagram model has capitalized on her dating history. The social media star is notorious for her relationship track record and boasts a roster of athletes of her very own. 

She most recently dated PJ Washington, and while she gave birth to their baby earlier this year, parenthood was not enough to keep the relationship together. 

Keep reading to find out more about IG model Brittany Renner and the details of her dramatic split from her baby’s father. 

Who Is PJ Washington? 

Paul Jamaine Washington Jr. is a professional basketball player for the NBA. He currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets

pj washington
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Washington was born on August 23, 1998, in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously played at Middle Tennessee State, as well as for the Kentucky Wildcats. 

He is the father of Brittany Renner’s baby, born in May 2021. The couple went public with their relationship on Instagram in 2020 and split shortly after the birth of their baby boy. 

Who Is Brittany Renner? 

Brittany Renner was born in Ocean Spring, Mississippi, on February 26, 1992, making her six years older than Washington. She is private about her family life, revealing little other than growing up with a brother and sister. 

Brittany Renner pj washington

Some argue that she is notorious for dating athletes and celebrities. She has been candid about her dating history and she remains unapologetic to anyone throwing hate or judgment her way. 

Let’s take a look at some of Renner’s background.

College Soccer Pro

Renner attended Jackson State University, where she played soccer. She was also the Southwestern Athletic Conference Women’s Soccer Championship MVP in 2010. 

Though she is no longer playing professionally, she still shows off her soccer skills in videos and photos on her social media platforms.

Fitness Aficionado 

Part of Renner’s social media success was her fitness content. She comes from an athletic background, and she’s got the body to back it up. 

ig model fitness

Renner posted a fitness video on her YouTube channel that went viral in 2013. Shortly after, her following on all social media platforms skyrocketed. 

Instagram Starlet and Model 

Renner currently boasts an impressive following of over 4.6 million on Instagram

Her page consists of sexy photos, showing off her curves and her fitness regimen. She also promotes various fitness products and models for several clothing brands. 

Brittany Renner pj washington girlfriend

She currently works with some big brands such as Fashion Nova.


As previously mentioned, Renner is outspoken about her past and her former sexual partners. She dated Casey Therriault for five years, previous to her fame. She was open about the fact that social media pressure was a major factor in their breakup. 

However, she took it a step further when she released a teaser video and then a book detailing her sexual past. In the video, Renner speaks candidly about how many athletes and entertainers she has slept with.

This was just a prelude. 

Brittany Renner colin kaepernick drake

She dropped her book, “Judge This Cover” in October 2018, detailing her sexual escapades. What’s even more interesting is the code names that she used for the high-profile men she wrote about. 

Renner devotes a chapter for each name, leaving readers to draw their own conclusions about the mystery men. She wrote about invitations to participate in group activities with Drake, and famous footballers like Colin Kaepernick, who made her pay her own way

After the release of her book, she continued to share information about her relationships and her accumulating body count. 

The Drama between Brittany Renner and PJ Washington  

The relationship between Washington and Renner began sometime in 2020. The couple went public on Instagram to announce that they were expecting a baby together. 

Brittany Renner kentucky

The photos were taken professionally, with Washington lovingly embracing Renner and her protruding belly. Washington even posted a photo in the hospital of him holding the baby shortly after Renner had given birth. 

Post-Baby Split 

Things seemed to change very quickly post-baby. 

About two weeks after she gave birth, Renner and Washington reportedly split. Some reports say that Renner secretly filed for divorce but there were no reports of the two getting married. 

Followers and fans immediately took to social media to come to Washington’s defense. They were unforgiving toward Renner, given her track record and “gold digger” reputation. She had previously filmed a video boasting about how easy it is to sleep with athletes and lock one down with a baby. 

pj washington girlfriend

Not only did fans defend Washington, but all of Renner’s previous videos also resurfaced to suggest that she manipulated her relationship with Washington. 

The Twitter Battle 

The two took to Twitter to exchange not-so-cryptic messages with one another. 

Washington insisted that she was faking the relationship all along. Many followers needled him for falling victim to her “game,” which she so publicly speaks about. He also claimed that she was stopping him from seeing his son.

There was also a lot of speculation about how much money Renner would be receiving in child support payments for the next 18 years. Many estimated that Washington would be paying up to $200,000 per month. 

pj washington girlfriend

Renner tweeted about the lack of child support from Washington, though the claim was quickly retracted. However, she hasn’t been quiet on the subject. She didn’t hesitate to comment on the haters dropping their opinions of her split. 

The Bottom Line on Brittany Renner 

She is one of those girls you’ll recognize on social media, but you may not know where Brittany Renner is from. She’s an Instagram model with a huge following and a former fitness content creator. She is also an author and a former soccer star from Jackson State. 

Brittany Renner ig model

Though she recently split from NBA player PJ Washington, the two share a newborn baby boy. 

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