Over 40 Tokyo Paralympics Cops Under Fire For ‘Getting Drunk, Fighting With Locals, & Visiting Brothels’

(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Around 40 police officers sent to provide security at the Tokyo Paralympics were promptly sent home for drinking, brawling with members of the public and frequenting a brothel.

The officers were sent to the Japanese capital from the Yamanashi Prefecture to provide support to local police throughout the ongoing Games, but a ton of them had other plans as a number of police officers were said to have disobeyed a strict ‘no alcohol’ policy late on Saturday.

More information, via RT:

“Despite Tokyo having numerous restrictions in place designed to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, several of the officers are reported to have left their accommodation and became involved in heated confrontations with members of the public.

Reports from Japanese media state that there were no serious injuries in the melee, which took place near to a train station in the Sumida district of the city, but police were called to the scene and later confirmed that they had detained some of their drunken colleagues.”

The Asahi newspaper reported that numerous police officers are understood to have visited a brothel in the city. The entire unit were subsequently relieved of their duties and sent back to the Yamanashi Prefecture this past Monday. Japanese police indicated that the reports are currently under investigation and that “measures” will be taken against any officer found to have engaged in inappropriate behavior.

“It’s embarrassing that they got drunk, went out and made a fuss with members of the public,” one person said, as noted by the Daily Mail.

“I know their job is sometimes stressful but it’s the same for everybody and they need to follow the rules as well,” said another.

“They have brought shame on their colleagues in Yamanashi. They should be ordered to retire from the force,” came the thoughts of a third.

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