Jake Paul Openly Mocks TikTok User For Quitting $100K Job To Beg His Brother For A Position (VIDEO)

22-Year-Old Austin Wallace is the main character of the week on social media after he claimed to have quit his $100k-a-year job, so he could ask Logan Paul for work. He actually recorded the entire interaction that showed him getting turned down in a brutal way.

To make matters even worse, the other brother, Jake, is now openly mocking him.

Jake can initially be seen laughing before turning to the camera and impersonating a jobless Austin.

He asks the camera: “What am I going to do, Logan? You got a job for me?” Someone, who could be Logan, responds: “Yeah, you’re hired, bro. Already.”


Here it is everyone got jokes

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Austin also said: “You know what, I’m gonna embrace this shit because people wanna make fun of me, I wanna make fun of myself. Fuck it.”

Austin Wallace seems to be taking his new found shame and turning it into something big. After quitting a high paying job, he better turn this situation into something where he can get an income.