Ebanie Bridges Is Back Stripping Down To Lingerie During Weigh-In For Her Next Boxing Match (VIDEO)

Ebanie Bridges knows how ot keep the eyes on her.

The former teacher-turned-boxer was back this week for her next fight, but not before she took to the scale for her weigh-in. She has been catching a ton of eyes for stripping down to lingerie, which is exactly what she did as the bantamweight captivated the audience ahead of her Leeds fight.

“I’m excited about this fight, watching her [Mailys] fight with Ellie. I think she has a great style, and our styles are going to gel well together. I think with that, it’s going to make it an exciting fight, she’s tough, and I love tough opponents. I’m looking forward to something exciting there. It’ll be another good performance by myself.

“I’m only getting better, feeling stronger than ever. I’m looking forward to showing you all that I’ve got come Saturday night.

“Training with Brian Cohen in America and having those eight weeks in Philadelphia, I’m really focused on footwork and balance – plating my feet.

“We all know I’m strong, but it’s not effective if you can’t get into a position. Now I feel like I’m really nailing that. We saw that with Bec about the positioning and planting the feet to throw those shots to get my full power into it.

“My cut for this fight was easy. I just fought four weeks ago. I’m hungry as ever. I love to fight. I’m hungry to punch on.”

(World Boxing News)