New York Mets’ Javier Baez Lost A $200K Earring After Scoring A Game-Winning Run (VIDEO)

Javier Baez may have scored a winning run in a game earlier this week, but he lost so much more with what came out of his ear.

On Tuesday, the Mets and their fan base were going nuts with a dramatic victory over the Miami Marlins — but it came at the cost of Javier Baez’s jewelry. In the ninth inning, the Mets erased a four-run deficit to come storming back against Miami, with Baez scoring the game-winning run on a single by Michael Conforto.

In the ensuing pandemonium, Baez lost his earring, and the team has been searching for it ever since.

Team president Sandy Alderson is also getting involved in the search:

According to Mets broadcaster Wayne Randazzo, Baez’s lost earring was worth roughly $200,000.

One wonders why he would ever be playing a baseball game in something so valuable to begin with.