Released Footage Shows Jake Paul Trying To Lick Tyron Woodley’s Neck During Fight (VIDEO)

Jake Paul is a weird guy, but we truly had no idea until this recent footage was released.

Jake Paul is 4-0 as a professional boxer after a split decision win over Tyron Woodley, the former UFC welterweight champion, at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

A ton of people saw the fight, but not many of us saw when Paul was spotted trying to lick Woodley’s neck during that bout.

Paul may have won this fight, but the pressure remains on the polarizing YouTuber to fight legitimate opponents.

“[The next opponent should be] someone who has the ability to make people believe that they can beat Jake Paul,” Paul’s top adviser, Nakisa Bidarian, told ESPN after the Woodley bout. “He’s at a level now where he can’t have easy fights. Every fight has to elevate given the type of attention he commands, given the pay-per-view box-office power he has and the relationship that he has with Showtime. We love, love, love fighting MMA opponents. Not because they’re easy, because they’re not. Tonight showed that. But it engages two different segments of the population.”

Paul and Woodley seemed to make a deal that if Woodley got a tattoo that said “I love Jake Paul,” there would be a rematch.

“Get the tattoo, then we’ll consider it,” Bidarian said. “The longer you wait to get the tattoo, the less likely that you’ll get the chance to fight me again, Jake said. Because you’re not taking this seriously.