Bare-Knuckle Fighter Bizarrely Got Knocked Out, But Doesn’t Collapse Until 10 Seconds After Being Punched (VIDEO)

Bare-knuckle boxer Malysh Anatoliy has the strangest and scaqriiest knockout we have ever seen.

During his match with Anatoly Savenko, both brawlers had exchanged punches when Anatoliy suddenly collapsed about six seconds after throwing a two-punch combo and 10 seconds after he was last punched.

The fight happened back on June 20th in Ukraine, but recently made the rounds on social media this week. Anatoliy blamed the odd occurrence on “an issue with his blood sugar levels.”

Anatoliy says he is doing “fine” now after he “lost consciousness with excitement” in the opening round of the said bout.

(translation via Mahatch FC)

“A few days ago on the “Mahatch” channel was posted my fight versus Anatoly Savenko, nicknamed “TT,” in which I lost consciousness with excitement in the first round.

Right away I want to say thank you to everyone who worried about my health. I had a thorough medical check. My health is fine. In that fight, emotions have prevailed.

At the moment I want to continue to train hard, and I am completely ready for revenge because the boxing lesson is not over yet.”