Anderson Silva Gives Up 1st Class Seat To Tito Ortiz’s GF After Knocking Him Out In 81 Seconds (VIDEO)

(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

This past Saturday, Anderson Silva wasted no time in his bout against against Tito Ortiz. He ended Tito Ortiz’s boxing debut almost before it even got going.

Silva defeated Ortiz in the first round with a wild knockout punch in just 81 seconds. Despite the knockout, there was no bad blood between the fighters, and that was proven when Silva gave his 1st class plane ticket to Ortiz’s girlfriend.

Ortiz, the former UFC champion who had missed weight by five pounds coming into the contest, posted a video on social media thanking 46-year-old Silva for the sweet gesture.

“The biggest thing I think Anderson Silva has ever done to me, I’m very thankful. He just actually gave up his 1st class ticket for Amber to sit here,” Ortiz says.

“The flight’s messed up, the airline, Jet Blue, messed up. But, Anderson Silva gave up his seat for Amber to sit next to me.”

Tito’s GF is Amber Nichole Miller, who used to be an Octagon girl.

“Anderson Silva, you’re the man, dude. Thank you very much. Amazing man. Nothing but respect.”