Andy Reid Calls Out Browns’ Ronnie Harrison For Pushing Chiefs Coach: ‘You Don’t Do That’ (VIDEO)

Early on in Sunday’s 33-29 victory for the Kansas City Chiefs over the Cleveland Browns, fireworks kicked off after Browns safety Ronnie Harrison was ejected from the game.

Replay would show Chiefs running backs coach Greg Lewis pushing Harrison aside so his player could get off the ground. Harrison reacted to the push by shoving the Kansas City assistant coach around the throat area.

After the game, head coach Andy Reid was asked about the altercation and called out Harrison during his press conference.

“You don’t do that on our sideline,” Reid said. “You don’t do that to our guys, bottom line.”

When asked about the Chiefs’ assistant assistant coach and his behavior, Reid had this to say:

“[Coach Lewis] was going down to help our guy, and [Harrison] wouldn’t do it,” Reid explained to ESPN reporter Adam Teicher. “So it would be like you keeping this up and I might come down and give you the business right here.”