Kwame Brown Completely Flames Russell Westbrook For Rocking A Skirt & High Heel Boots (VIDEO)

Russell Westbrook has never been shy about his fashion choices, which is why he went super viral after posting pictures of himself rocking a skirt and boots.

Among the outcry of angry people was former NBA player Kwame Brown, who recently took to social media and completely unloaded on the Lakers guard for what he wore.

Transcribed via Bro Bible:

“There’s two ways you could go, n—a. You can bite the apple and wear them muthaf—ing dresses like Russell Westbrook or whatever the f–k his name is, I don’t even wanna say this n—a’s name no more,” Kwame Brown ranted.

“But this ain’t this nigga’s first time in a dress so I don’t know why people so alarmed. This n—a’s been wearing dresses and weird a– sh-t. But like I told you, LBJ said, your leaders, they’ll give ’em to you. And just cause this n—a can jump high and play basketball.

“Not nary nigga I ever grew up and messed around with gonna be walking down the goddamn streets with a dress on and some muthaf—ing boots and keep my respect and say he heterosexual. Now if you gay, cool, I don’t give a f–k. I got gay female cousins, male cousins, it don’t matter about that.

“But when you say you a heterosexual male and that’s what you do, n—a, f–k you, and that’s my opinion,” Kwame Brown continued.

“So if you wanted my opinion on that, I think these n—as is exposing exactly what I said. These b-tcha– celebrities bite the mother f—ing apple and I never bit no apple. I just shut my mouth. That’s how you gotta do it. You gotta shut your mouth or bite that apple.

“And there’s plenty of n—as like me that just not talking. Cause that weird a– sh-t they’re around is weird as f–k.

“Just what kind of n—a y’all… What hood these n—as supposed to be from?! N—a had high heel boots and a mini skirt. What the f—k wrong with you? Man, please.”