Peyton Manning Blasted Raiders Fans For Too Much Crowd Noise With Team On Offense ‘They Can’t Freaking Hear’ (VIDEO)

Peyton Manning was a man who absolutely had his Colts fan base trained to keep quiet when the team was on offense. He could not stand when they were loud and put the offense at risk of getting a penalty or getting a play wrong.

Peyton took Raiders fans to task several times for making too much noise when Derek Carr was trying to call out plays to his teammates.

“Drink your beer, quiet down. Let Carr play quarterback,” he admonished the crowd at Allegiant Stadium.

Later on, Peyton waived his arms as if to quiet the crowd himself and then went off on the home crowd yet again.

To be fair, this is the first game for fans in Las Vegas with a professional team, so they will get better and learn. There was no way this crowd would be quiet at anytime last night.