Anders Fritzen

Anders FritzenHey TPS fans! My name is Anders Fritzen. The truth is I am like any of you other sports fans out there, but for whatever reason I was blessed with the ability to put my thoughts and opinions to written page. I am 35 years old, I have a beautiful wife and three great kids. I was a stockbroker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for nearly 12 years. It is pretty much all automated at this point, so I am starting my life over. I decided that I was only going to involve myself with things that I love. I am a voice actor, a writer, and an artist. You can hear my voice demos at I also blog for a film web site called FILMGO (, it is an online film festival and I would appreciate it if all of you would check it out.

I have always been a huge sports fan and growing up I could always be found with my friends playing some type of sport. I was special teams captain of my high school football team, I also wrestled a bit in school, and played little league growing up ( I could field, but man I stunk with a bat).

I am a die hard Mets fan, a Jets/Giants fan, and now that Isaiah is gone I actually have some hope for the Knicks. In addition to all my blogging and voice over stuff I am working on creating a children’s cartoon. I really love sharing my opinions in this forum, and I hope you guys enjoy my work also.

I love to hear from ya, and you can reach me via email at [email protected]. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you guys soon.